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Many people speak about fear. They don’t know anything about it. If there is anyone or anything to fear it is a foul and sadistic creature that goes by the name, Gorea. This sinister being isn’t just your run-of-the-mill bad spirit. She is the Queen of Demons that is often summoned through blood magic, sacrificial offerings and Oujia boards. Sometimes even all of those combined. This is the story of how three kindly yet unsuspecting nurses come to meet her wrath.


“Come on Sherry!” Brenda eagerly speaking from the doorway, “We’re going to miss Happy Hour at Shillelagh’s.”

Sherry who is sitting in the office finishing her reports of the day, chuckles at her co-worker “Alright Brenda. I’ll be finished in a minute.”

Cheerfully Brenda walks off to go and pester Judy, their newest nurse on the ward. Sherry adores Brenda. She is a happy-go-lucky young woman who just wants to have fun. After writing her signature at the bottom of the page, Sherry stands up.

“Come on ladies!” She says as she walks into the ward. “Lets go and get happy.”

Brenda and Judy slap their hands in a high five and the three of them joyfully leave the unit for the night.


The nurses go to the Newcastle Pub since it is close to the nursing home where they work. The ladies enjoy each other’s company while they share quesadillas, deep fried pickles, and a Rueben sandwich. They drink their wines until they see someone they really didn’t want to see. A woman with blonde kinked hair, blue eyes and trim petite build wrapped up in a pink blazer and slick black pants.

“Oh Hell. It’s her.” Brenda says with distain.

“Who’s that?” Judy asks curiously.

“Her name is Claudia Robertson.” Sherry explains sipping her drink. “She’s just awful.”

“She’s the one who ran over Rose’s daughter’s kitten that one day.” Brenda explains.

“That was her?” Judy asks as both Sherry and Brenda nod. “The one who nearly hit the daughter as well and threw the glass out of her car at her?”

“One and the same.” Sherry says.

Suddenly, those tall thin high-heels start walking towards them so dreadfully slow that each woman could hear their doom coming at them. Claudia puts her manicured hand on the chair at their table and smiles like a predator.

“Is this seat taken ladies?” Before any of them could respond, Claudia sits in the chair. “Well now ladies. I hear your department in the home is diminishing.”

“We wouldn’t say that Claudia.” Sherry says trying to be sweet as she could despite the fact that she hates the very sight of this woman. “It’s just a little slow.”

“Oh?” Claudia responds silently gritting her teeth. She hates the fact that those lower than her call her by her first name but for now she forces herself to let it go. “Well I can assure you ladies that I might have a solution. Did you know that there are angels where your department sits? They say when you call out a special incantation, you will wake one and it’ll come out to help you.”

“We doubt that very much.” Brenda the devoted atheist speaks up. “Besides we are a wellness center that just started. It’ll pick up in its natural course.”

“Suit yourselves.” Claudia says. “It was only a suggestion. Cheers to you ladies.”

As Claudia lifts her glass, the other women were hesitant but toast her glass anyway. It would be better not to cause a scene especially with the Calgary’s wealthiest woman no matter how rotten she is. As the all clicked glasses, Claudia’s glass breaks Judy’s glass causing her to cut her hand.

“Oh dear.” Claudia got out her handkerchief and put it to Judy’s hand. “Are you alright?”

“I’ll be fine. I’m going to clean this up.” Judy says as she jumps out of the chair and rushes to the restroom.

“Here I’ll come and help you.” Brenda says following her.

Sherry turns and looks at Claudia. If she didn’t know any better, she could have sworn Claudia has a smirk on her face.


The next morning with Judy’s hand all wrapped up in a bandage, the ladies put their coats in their lockers outside of their unit.

“How’s the hand?” Brenda asks Judy.

“Ah! Not bad. Just a little tender is all.” She responds. “I’ll get over it.”

“Yeah. But was it weird to you guys that she just had to have that handkerchief back?” Brenda asks. “She insisted on it.”

“I did.” Sherry responds. “I wonder what for especially when we could have still used it.”

“She’s very strange.” Judy says.

“Yeah.” Both Brenda and Sherry say nodding.

The nurses punch in their passcode to the unit and carry their coffees inside. The first thing they see is the tables turned over and broken in half. Coarse, sharp writing in an unknown black substance that resembles bile. The words spelled out “Die,” “Kill,” “Cunts” and finally “Gorea.”

The three women rush to the tables and frantically pick them up only to find that a very large star in a circle pointing south is on the floor. “What the hell?” Is the first thought that crosses these women’s minds.

“What do we do about this?” Brenda asks hysterically.

“We clean this up as fast as we can and we forget all of this.” Sherry answers in a strangely serene voice

Not knowing what else to do, all three women start picking up all the broken furniture. As they clean up the odd star on the floor they discuss this situation. They all decide that some vandals had come in and decided to wreak havoc in this place. It was the only logical explanation for this and that is what they put in their reports.

Over the course of the next few weeks and for reasons they could not understand, they feel like something is watching them. Something sinister and unseen. No one paid attention to it and the three ladies continue on with their jobs until one day…

They walk into the unit one morning and find the floor completely covered in fresh blood. The three women are too terrified to scream. Instead they rush to the pool and find that there is a trail of it leading to the women’s washroom. There is so much there that it looks like some kind of ghastly river. Brenda opens the door to the ladies and finds the carcass of a mutilated female caribou. This poor creature’s heart and intestines were spilled out of the floor. Bone and flesh were surrounded in pools of blood and bile. The sight of it causes the three women to become nauseated.

A sinister, deep whisper causes them to spin around as soon as they hear it. “No one can save you now.”

There in the office doorway stood what appears to be a woman with bright red eyes and blood dripping down all the way from her mouth down onto her long tattered-grey dress. This woman is tall, slender with dark brown skin and black braided hair that reaches to her knees. If it isn’t for the blood she might have been attractive.

Suddenly this woman opens her mouth wider than any human possibly could and reveals these sharp canine-like teeth. A roar comes out and knocks all three women to the floor. Black bat-like wings pierced through this woman’s back and stretched out to a length that is at least three times this woman’s size. Her face starts to morph into this big nosed beast that resembles a vicious dog. White hair grows out of her arms and legs. Her fingers and toes change into giant razor-like claws.

The three whimpering nurses, try to make a run for the door but Sherry feels something slimy wrap around her leg. As she struggles and screams, Brenda and Judy look at her and see that this demon has its forked tongue wrapped around Sherry’s leg. Using the last of her bravery, Brenda grabs a broken chair and charges with it towards the demon. The demon lets Sherry go and its tongue goes back into her mouth but it rips the chair with one swing of its powerful paw.

The Demon begins to slash and scratch out at her. Judy runs to Sherry and they both charge at the demon trying to get it away from Brenda. It stops attacking Brenda only to grab Judy by her throat. It picks her up with incredible strength. One swipe of its paw has Sherry flying in the air and landing on a table, smashing it to the ground. Judy’s face started to get blue but Brenda acts fast by grabbing a knife and stabbing it into the creature. It drops Judy who is struggling for breath. It looks at Brenda and slowly pulls the knife out of itself. The wound on it vanishes and it throws the knife at Brenda’s head.

Judy recovered enough to tackle Brenda and help her avoid the blade. The two of them run to Sherry, and pick her up as she just regained consciousness.

They run out of the ward screaming. Brenda, Sherry and Judy go to the head office to speak with Doctor Timberbaum about the incident. To their surprise, Claudia Robertson is in the room with him.

“What’s going on?” Sherry says looking at both Claudia and Dr. Timberbaum.

“A meeting.” Dr. Timberbaum responds cheerfully. “Ms. Robertson is now one of our top shareholders. She put enough money into this place she now legally owns a part of it. We are discussing some changes.”

“Dr. Timberbaum!” Brenda says bursting through ignoring everyone. “Something awful has happened.”

“What?” He asks concerned.

“We were attacked.” Judy replies fearfully.

Once again Claudia is ignored and she hates it but for this purpose she wanted to watch these women tremble. They all frightfully tell Dr. Timberbaum their story and he despite all the evidence that they present to him, he dismisses it all as a story. All three women leave his office heartbroken. He never even looked at all their scratches and injuries.

“Ladies.” Claudia calls out to them. The three of them stop and watch her approach them. “Listen ladies. I don’t appreciate you barging into my meeting like that, nor will I tolerate you creating these lies.”

“They are the truth!” Brenda screams at her and pulls up her sleeve to show the three long scratches on her arm, “Look! Explain that!”

“Watch your tone to me.” Claudia says. “You three will stop fighting each other, and stop coming up with these pitiful stories. Now get back down there and get to work!”

All three women stare at her in horror. They leave her standing there and go back to their unit. They had no choice. A small lurid smile creeps on Claudia’s lips, she knows that they were telling the truth and that their stories are real. It looks like her new demonic servant did her job well. She wanted those three little bitches to suffer. No one gets away with thinking they are superior to her.

It didn’t take long before the three women left. After a month Brenda is fired, Sherry quits and Judy gets a transfer. Gorea the demon queen still resides in this hospital, doing her sadistic damage to all employees under Claudia Robertson’s watchful eye. Things have continually got worse in this place. It is no longer a sanctuary where many loved to come but a prison that no one can escape.

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